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Kobus Koch

In only two months of squad training I managed to drop my Ironman swim leg down to 1:18 from a previous 1:50! Thank you coach Jana Oosthuizen, super stoked!

Igna Claassen Dougal

I can officially say my swimming has been transformed. I went from swimming 1.9km open water in about 45 minutes down to a 36 minute swim. Also resulted in my first ever podium placement!

Kerry Ellis-Williams

I can feel the drills are helping to make me stronger and more confident. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge & spending the time with me to help imporve my swimming. Forever grateful.

Etienne Wepener

I now use Jana's programs for my training and I can clearly see AND feel a huge difference in my swimming. I would really advise ANY long distance or endurance swimmer to visit Jana.

Kobus Koch

Dropped my 1.9km triathlon swim time from 45 minutes to 37:30 after only two weeks of coaching. Clearly you are doing something right! Thank you!

Damian Botoulas

Jana's knowledge coupled with her enthusiasm means one can get instant results - I knocked nearly 20 seconds off my 100m time in just the first session.