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  • Squad Training

Squad Training

Fun, Fitness, Friendship, Flippin' Fantastic!

East Rand

Monday: 05h00 - 06h00
Wednesday: 05h00 - 06h15
Friday: 05h00 - 06h15

West Rand

Monday: 16h30 - 17h30
Tuesday: 05h15 - 06h30
Thursday: 05h15 - 06h30


Each and every training session should have a goal! Upon joining our squad, a specific fitness test is performed and reassessed every six (6) weeks. This ensures training at specific intensities and in turn, guarantees seeing some impressive results over time! Let us help you conquer your first triathlon swim leg, beat your current personal best (PB) or even see you leading the pack in your age group!

What type of sessions can I
expect during Squad Training?

Pure Technique Session

Pure Technique Session, aka the "Stroke Refiner". The emphasis here is on a lot of drill and technique work with plenty of recovery and tips on how to refine your individual stroke. A common mistake many people make is to rush through the exercises to try to keep up with others in the lane. Don't. There is no need to do this. Take your time and focus on YOU! Leave the ego in the change-room and give your stroke the TLC it deserves.

We often add some low-level endurance work to this set, typically at CSS +3s to +6s/100m and over interval distances of 100m to 1000m.

You can expect feedback during this session on how to perform the nominated drills correctly and a few quick tips on your stroke.

"Red Mist" Long Endurance Session

The infamous "Red Mist" Long Endurance Session is the hardest session of the week. This session is the stalwart of the Ironman and 70.3 brigade given how good it is at preparing you for these distances.

These sessions also rarely feature a "proper" warm-up, encouraging you to get right into it from the word go like at the start of a race - can you hold off the "Red Mist" from descending on you when you're not feeling your best?

You can expect
feedback during this session on how well you are sticking to your targets and a rather excited coach urging you on under pressure to add to the sense of stress - all as a simulation of a race, you understand!

Threshold / CSS Development Session

Threshold / CSS Development Session aka the classic "Fresh 'n' Fruity" CSS Development Session. If you want to enhance your speed in the pool and the open water over distances greater than 400m, then this is the place to start. It's a very challenging session and relies upon you knowing your current CSS pace. We do a specific fitness test every six (6) weeks to monitor your specific CSS pace.

There will be a few drills and a few little pick-up sprints as well, but the majority of the session is focused on you maintaining your speed as your stroke inevitably starts to breakdown. The best swimmers in the world are those who let this happen least. Join them by getting good at these sessions!

You can expect feedback during this session on how well you are holding pace and motivation to keep pushing on when things are getting tough.

For a fuller analysis of your swimming and some individual stroke correction, see 1-2-1 Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Sessions.

"Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect."

- Vince Lombardi