• Adult Learn2Swim Freestyle Course

  • Adult Learn2Swim Freestyle Course

Adult Learn2Swim Freestyle Course

The Adult Learn2Swim Freestyle Course?
This is a collective term used to describe the 12 Step process, which you will be undertaking when learning to swim freestyle the “Swim Smooth” way!

What is the main goal of the Adult Learn2Swim Freestyle Course?
Teaching you the freestyle stroke completely from scratch with the long term goal of completing your first open water swimming/triathlon event.

Who would benefit from the Adult Learn2Swim Freestyle Course?
The program is designed for those of you who can’t yet swim a stroke of freestyle or perhaps can swim 25m but then have to stop for a rest.

What does the Adult Learn2Swim Freestyle Course entail?
This specific course takes you through a 12 Step program designed to build up the stroke step by step in a progressive manner giving you the chance to develop every individual element such as breathing, rotation and arm recovery. The process gradually brings the stroke together and develops your coordination whilst you are wearing fins (flippers) before removing them at the end.

How long will it take to finish the Adult Learn2Swim Freestyle Course?
We expect most complete beginners to take between 4 and 7 sessions to get to step 12 but it doesn't matter if it takes you longer. It's not a race, take your time, get the most out of every step and you will end up a better swimmer as a result.

Remember your progress will be directly linked to the time you put into practising the skills you’ve learnt – the more you practise, the luckier you’ll get.

What equipment will I need?

NB! The only piece of equipment you will need for your first session is a pair of swimming bathers*!!!

Through the program we use a few key pieces of equipment to assist your development:

A cap and goggles.

A pair of long flexible rubber fins/flippers.

A pull buoy.

A nice pair of fins and a pull buoy is a good long term investment for your swimming - you'll continue to use them for many years to come, not just when you are learning.

If you do not own any equipment: please do not go and buy anything beforehand! We have everything you will need poolside (except for bathers!!!). Rather get the correct equipment from the start – avoid wasting money on a kit, which you won’t need anyway!

If you do own some swimming equipment: feel free to bring whatever you have with to your first session.

*Men, a nice pair of board shorts looks great on the beach but when it comes to swimming properly they act as a huge parachute around your waist! It's well worth investing in some proper swimming bathers - you may feel a little self conscious at first in a pair of speedos or jammers but they will make a huge difference to your body position and how you move through the water.

What are the costs involved?

Adult Learn2Swim Freestyle Course: Session 1

Duration: 90 minutes
Cost: R2000

Please note that the first session is only the start of the process – we introduce you to all the principles, explain how the process will work, help you identify what your current skill level is and help you put together a step by step plan to cruise through the 12 steps, with or without further assistance!

A month’s FREE subscription to the Swim Smooth Guru App is included in the first session – containing all the necessary material to help you cruise through the 12 steps (including descriptions and videos of each step of the way)!

After your first session, you will:

  • be required to PRACTISE (!!!) the skills learnt during the first session in your own time (pool access close to home is therefor a must).
  • be expected to use the Swim Smooth Guru App and “Learn To Swim Freestyle – Reminder Sheet” to REVISE (!!!) all the steps.
  • be encouraged to TRY (!!!) some of the NEW steps not yet mastered.

Adult Learn2Swim Freestyle Course: Follow Up Sessions

Duration: 30-45 minutes per session
Cost: R500 per session

A 45-minute follow up session is highly recommended once you’ve practiced and gained confidence with the steps taught during the first session. We recap these steps (together with any additional steps you’ve managed to master on your own!) and progress accordingly until you’ve mastered all 12 steps!

After the Course

After building this solid foundation of basic water & freestyle skills, we will continue to develop your freestyle technique & build your fitness level to such a point where you can comfortably swim 4-6 lengths in a 25m pool, resting minimally in-between each length!

Once you can swim a few lengths of freestyle, you are ready for our bespoke Swim Smooth 1-2-1 Video analysis & Stroke Correction Session (feel free to request further information on this specific session)!

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

- Aristotle