This past weekend Swim Smooth Joburg hosted the first Swim Smooth Open Water Skills Clinic in South Africa, pioneering the way forwards for many more to come! I had the privilege of spending time with some of the open water swimmers form DareToTri and Boksburg Aquatic Saints Swimming Club (a huge shout-out to coach Wade Marshall and Derick Marcisz). I always admire swimmers trying something new, stepping out of their comfort zones and being open to new knowledge and skills!

"We change our behavior when the pain of staying the same becomes greater
than the pain of changing.”

-Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend-

The aim of the clinic was to expose swimmers to the skills necessary to master open water swimming and practise them in a controlled environment! This makes the transition between the controlled “pool" and daunting "open water environment so much easier. Hopefully this also inspires swimmers to incorporate practising these skills into their weekly training sessions… it sure is a lot of fun!

Each session commenced with a PowerPoint presentation introducing each swimmer to the basic principles involved in open water swimming. We touched on the various elite swimming stroke styles and pulled in some videos of the pro’s showing us just how it’s done! Discussing the various open water skills (e.g. drafting formations, sighting technique etc.) and watching a video demonstration of each cemented the image in our minds as to what we were about to practise in the pool!

Moving on to the practical component, it was time to put new knowledge & skills to practise. Two sessions where ran back to back, ensuring swimmers of similar abilities were grouped together.

In true Swim Smooth style, it was all about having fun whilst doing something we all love - swimming!

See you all at the next Open Water Skills Clinic.

PS. Thank you to the Swim Smooth assistants on the day, Aréte and Lallie, as well as our lifeguards, Bryan, Robyn and Alex. Nothing is possible without support, your help is much appreciated!


"Was the best clinic I have ever been to. I got taught a lot of stuff like to the different ways draft someone and how effective it is. Second thing that I got taught is the sighting, I will be using the sighting in the open water much more. Thanks Jana and the Swim Smooth team”

"A big thank you for Saturday’s session, found it to be very valuable now I just need to practice what was learnt.”

"Being in a Group session was great as it helped me "sink or swim" because i wanted to keep up so i did push myself more than usual when i swim alone. “

"Well organised, informative, money well spent”

"I really enjoyed it, I had fun and learned some new techniques.”

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