• 1-2-1 Video Analysis & Stroke Correction

  • 1-2-1 Video Analysis & Stroke Correction

1-2-1 Video Analysis & Stroke Correction

Make the change your hard work and dedication deserves by investing in Swim Smooth’s most premium and internationally acclaimed service - a private 1-2-1 Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Session with the first Certified Swim Smooth Coach in South Africa, Jana Schoeman.

A Swim Smooth video analysis consultation is perfect if you have unanswered questions about why you might have plateaued-off with your performance, or even if what you're doing in your swim training sessions is the most efficient way for you to improve.

This session is suitable for any level of swimmer - from those of you learning to swim the freestyle stroke for the first time, to those looking to break world records (and everywhere in between!). You cannot undervalue how important it is to get yourself off on the right track even if you are just getting into swimming. Don't waste hours of your time thrashing up and down the pool with poor technique.

Let us help you identify your swim type and guide you through a comprehensive 90-minute consultation, which includes:

  • Complete HD video capture,
  • Full recorded analysis to take home on a special USB drive for later review,
  • A thorough stroke correction component with radio assisted communication between your coach and you whilst totally submerged in the water, and
  • A take home training plan to ensure you maximise your application of your new strokes going forwards.

This really is "the bomb" with 1,000s of swimmers around the world having dramatically improved their swimming from just one or two sessions.

How it Works

Full HD Filming

Have your stroke filmed in all it's glory above and below the water from a range of comprehensive angles to best I.D where your issues lie.


An in-depth 20-30 minute recorded review of your stroke will ensue and highlight exactly what issues you face and more importantly, how to correct them.

Stroke Correction

Picking out faults is a relatively simple task, knowing how to correct those faults in the most effective and time-efficient way is what sets your coach apart and will ensure a great result for you.

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

- Vincent Van Gogh